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The navigation page. Navigate through an endless realm of still unconnected words and look for inspiration.
If a word sparks an idea save it by clicking once. It will be saved automatically into a default list.
You can create multiple lists for different topics or projects.
The cloud view. Here you can work with your words, giving them a new order or combining them in new ways.
See various definitions of your word, review your comment and do much more with your saved words.
Export your lists as PDF and JPG for a visual representation of your list, or download as xml to work on it again later.


Focuscope – navigate creativity

Wilhelm Krohmer

Focuscope ist a tool based on bisociative creativity techniques. Bisociation is the ability to connect things that share no common connections. It is about letting your mind wander freely, without forcing yourself to think just in one direction. Focuscope hits you with random words, triggering bisociations. Just by thinking about them, with your project in mind, you will start connecting different subjects and thereby trigger new ideas.

Focuscope Präsentation