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City choice and defining the search term.
The result of the search.
Commenting a pair of images.
Overview of search constellations.
Overview of search constellations with more information.



Yael Horesh & Christian Hansen

hashmatch lets you analyse the social media platform flickr: Compare two different views from two cities on one search term at the same time, and see how they are dealing with it. The project began thinking of how you can compare the different cultures in the world using Data. We chose to use the platform that is dependent on images and language that we all can understand. Through the use of Flickr it allows a user to upload and share images with the world. We have built a website that extracts data from Flickr. This allows the user to compare images with others around the world taken by different people. This project compares how people portray their views through photographs, in various parts of the world. How is reality, emotion and experiences viewed so differently, yet theoretically the same? How globalization look like? This is a platform to understand how different cultures around the world are interpreted through photographs.

Presentation hashmatch